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Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Cathleen Trigg-Jones Praises PPUS Program for Empowering Entrepreneurial Journey: Advocates for Deeper Engagement and Mentorship

In a recent survey distributed among our esteemed entrepreneurs, Cathleen Trigg-Jones, a luminary in journalism, talk show hosting, production, and acting, generously imparted her reflections on our latest cohort.

Cathleen expressed her genuine appreciation for the cohort, noting its pivotal role in refining her business model amidst a nurturing environment. While satisfied with the experience, she identified potential for deeper engagement, underscoring the value of time investment. "I enjoyed the cohort and was able to build a business model with the support I received during the program. I only wish I had more time to invest in the cohort," said Trigg-Jones, Founder of of, a digital streaming channel with the mission to provide a safe space for BIPOC and women from diverse multicultural backgrounds to own and tell their stories through their own lens.

Highlighting the essence of networking, personalized coaching sessions with PPUS Program Director and Coach John Brown, and the culminating pitch event as standout features, Cathleen's testimony underscores the transformative power of mentorship. She credits John for catalyzing a paradigm shift in her approach, urging her to explore boundless possibilities beyond conventional constraints. "John made me rethink my business model and he helped me realize that I was boxing myself in instead of thinking outside the box," said Trigg-Jones.

Her endorsement resonates with the ethos of our entrepreneurial community, encapsulating the essence of collaborative growth and empowerment.

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