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Our governance policies are designed to ensure that Positive Planet US Corp. (PPUS) always acts lawfully and ethically in pursuing its mission. That is the only way we will build a great organization for the community and volunteers.



Each PPUS volunteer, employee, director, and officer must act lawfully, ethically, and in the best interests of PPUS at all times. Potential risk areas to watch out for are:

  • Personal financial gains (monetary, jobs, self-dealing transactions) 

  • Other conflicts of interest (placing your own interests ahead of those of PPUS) 

  • Preventing fraud, theft, embezzlement, accounting or auditing irregularities, bribery, kickbacks, and misuse of PPUS’s assets 


Two PPUS policies provide specific guidance related to the above matters: 


Conflict of Interest Policy 

A conflict of interest exists when a PPUS officer, director, or a volunteer has an interest that conflicts or may appear to conflict with PPUS’ interests. Examples include, but are not limited to: receiving “excess benefit” from PPUS; being “on both sides” of a transaction to which PPUS is a party; owning or serving at businesses that transact with PPUS; receiving personal gifts or loans from parties with which PPUS transacts; serving on the board of another charity that competes with PPUS for a grant or contract; having close relatives who transact with PPUS; etc.


Each conflict of interest must be disclosed with reasonable detail to the Board of Directors and to the President of PPUS. The Board will review the transaction involving a conflict of interest and will decide whether it is fair, reasonable, and in the best interests of PPUS. If the Board approves the transaction, it can proceed. Absent Board approval, a transaction involving a conflict of interest cannot proceed. 


Whistleblowing Policy 

“If you see something, say something.” If PPUS staff observe any potentially illegal or unethical conduct at or involving PPUS, including but not limited to any financial or accounting irregularities, staff is expected to report it immediately to the President. PPUS will not retaliate against anyone who reports concerns in good faith. PPUS will investigate all such reports and will take appropriate corrective action.


Document Retention Policy 

The PPUS Document Retention Policy sets specific periods for retention (i.e., PPUS keeping and not deleting) of various documents and records of its operations. Most records are kept either permanently or for seven (7) years, with several exceptions outlined in the policy. 


Volunteer Responsibilities

It is imperative that we do the right thing to maintain trust with our volunteers and the communities we serve. We expect all volunteers to take time to consider whether any potential or actual issues exist, ask questions if unsure, and feel free to reach out to their manager or the PPUS legal team, who can provide further guidance.


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