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Meet Our Mentors

Driven by Dreams and Forged in Experience, Our Mentors Have Been Igniting and Leading National Companies for Decades

Forget bootstrapping and the fear of failure. You don't have to face the path of business strategy and growth alone. Our mentors aren't just successful, they've built and scaled businesses before. They have walked this path before and are ready to share a trail of wisdom. Our mentors are fueled by a passion to empower others and help entrepreneurs achieve similar success. They're not just teachers, they provide unwavering support to help transform your start-up and unlock potential growth in your industry. 

Executive Coach


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Brajesh Jha is a distinguished mentor at Positive Planet and a global business leader at Genpact. With over three decades of experience, he has been a driving force in building and leading professional services businesses at multi-billion-dollar companies. His innate ability to attract and motivate top talent, coupled with a proven track record of driving innovation for Fortune 500 clients, makes him a valuable mentor.

At Genpact, Brajesh oversees the global digital transformation business, deploying artificial intelligence, analytics, and intelligent automation to achieve real-world outcomes. His role extends into shaping Genpact's capabilities in the Generative AI space, showcasing a keen understanding of emerging technologies.

Brajesh's mentoring journey with Positive Planet has been marked by practical insights and ideas that instill confidence and optimism in mentees about the future of their businesses. His experience, coupled with a commitment to giving back to the entrepreneurial community, makes him a sought-after mentor. 

"The practical tips and ideas that I'm able to share with program participants helps them unlock their problems, giving my mentees a tremendous amount of confidence and optimism about the future of their businesses….and it fills me with the incredible feeling of giving back to the community."

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