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Championing entrepreneurship

Research shows that three areas of support have the highest impact on the success of small business entrepreneurs. Our programs are targeted at these:

  • Skills and know-how to build a business venture from the ground up

  • Access to capital and a network of support, including access to small business lenders

  • 1-1 mentorship from other entrepreneurs who can provide feedback and guidance

Positive Planet US is committed to helping motivated entrepreneurs achieve their target milestones and find mentoring support and funding for growth.

PROPEL for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Propel is a scalable, high-impact accelerator program.

Program outline

  • Themed cohorts for 12 weeks enable customized learning experiences for entrepreneurs working on various solutions to for example clean water, refugees action, etc.

  • Not just theory, this program offers intensive end-to-end support from business plans to the minutiae of operating plans, including support launching your business.

  • This 12-week program is supplemented by three years of mentoring for real-world impact.

  • Partnerships with microfinance and networking organizations to solve the problems of awareness and access for participants looking for funding and networks.

Pilot Cohort in Progress


PACER for Networking

Pacer is an extended learning and networking community program.


Program outline

  • This is an extension of Propel that offers graduates a 3-year extended mentorship.

  • Masterclasses and refreshers are available.

  • An online forum for discussion and Q&A that helps entrepreneurs unlock the power and wisdom of their network community.

  • Access to networking events to amplify opportunities to build social capital.

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AGGREGATOR for Unleashing the Power of Information

Tech-enabled innovative solutions to help solve the problem of access.

Program outline

  • Focus on solving the problem of awareness through innovative marketing solutions

  • Leverage technology to build a platform with comprehensive data on all available resources

  • Build an intuitive, user-friendly matching model

  • Introduce ratings to create visibility to the quality of services

Launch Planned by 2025

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