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Breaking Barriers: Mentorship Propels 4 Women Entrepreneurs at Accelerator Capstone

In a world where diversity is becoming a strong pillar of any resilient economy, our recent Capstone event for the Pilot Cohort leveraging Gen AI in Business Planning showcased the remarkable talents, creativity, and grit of the 4 inspiring participants. 

The accelerator, designed to empower black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) women entrepreneurs, provided a platform to these self-starters to present their business ideas to a supportive community of peers and mentors. 

A Diverse Cohort of Visionaries

Entrepreneurs presented projects across various industries, including blockchain education and pet care. Julie introduced Peacock Hill, an educational platform using blockchain to make learning engaging through animated shows and games. Phoebe's Doggy Day connects dogs with local dog lovers to foster community and trust in pet care. Lisa is creating Create2030, a platform for sustainable art, connecting eco-conscious artists with those seeking sustainable art solutions. Kathleen's iWomenTV focuses on increasing women's representation in media, aiming to create content that reflects women's experiences and perspectives from a studio in New York City.

The Power of a Community 

Through this event, we demonstrate the core values of our community, built on collaboration. 'We want to support these four amazing women on their entrepreneurial journey, providing them with valuable feedback and connecting them to potential future collaborators,' said our Executive Director, Subhalakshmi Duraiswamy. Equipping all founders with practical knowledge in financial planning, go-to-market strategy, operations, and leadership, the accelerator program is just the beginning. Our support extends beyond, fostering a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.  

As we look to the future, the Capstone event serves as a reminder of the power of diversity, collaboration, and community in driving meaningful change. For BIPOC women entrepreneurs, this journey is just the start, and the opportunities are boundless.

Start making a change with your business. Apply to the community

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