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Emmy Award-Winner Filmmaker, Lisa Russell, Discusses Her Passionate Endorsement of the Positive Planet Cohort

Lisa Russell is the Founder of, an organization that hosts a range of programs tailored for creative practitioners and UN/NGO agencies eager to infuse arts and creativity into their campaigns and initiatives.

As an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker with a 20-year career dedicated to creating impactful content at the intersection of arts, social justice, and sustainable development, she founded and Artef.AI, to host a range of programs tailored for creative practitioners.

In a recent survey provided to our entrepreneurs, Lisa has shared her thoughts on our recent cohort. "I can’t thank you all enough for putting together such a valuable program and investing your time and expertise. I’m very proud to have participated and you’ve set me up for launching a new entrepreneurial journey that I am very excited about!”

Lisa further commented: "As someone who has a million ideas, it was helpful to be grounded. The cohort provided me with the mentorship and education I needed to help me narrow my ideas."

Lisa found the interaction that she had with her coach very helpful. Having private check ins addressed her obstacles and questions directly, which helped her move her business concept forward. She feels that having a smaller cohort kept it more personal and helped her advance more.

Lisa has shared some of her favorite moments from the cohort stating: "I most enjoyed putting together elements to create a business idea and the conversation on ethics and relationships."

Before Lisa participated in the cohort, she felt overwhelmed from all the ideas in her head. The cohort helped her build a solid business concept and roadmap. She built them unique to her: "I felt like I built a business concept that truly reflects my strengths and passions and I don’t think I could have done it without participating in Positive Planet!”

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