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Vivian Olodun Joins Positive Planet US Board

Positive Planet US is thrilled to announce that Vivian Olodun, a distinguished author, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of Flourish Media, joined our Board of Directors effective immediately. Based in Miami, Fla., Vivian leads a marketing franchisor recognized by USA Today and Forbes. Her dedication to empowering women is evident through her co-founding of the Flourish Media Conference, which has raised over $15 million to support minority women in business.

With 18 years of marketing expertise, Vivian has collaborated with major brands like Capital One and Samsung. Her interactive journal, "Stumbling Through Adulthood," offers insights into navigating failure.

Proud of her Afro-Latino and Nigerian heritage, she recently launched THE GROVE marketing program. Vivian also brings significant experience with multi-billion dollar brands and has led notable projects, including marketing for the Women’s Jamaican Soccer Team.

"We are excited about the experience, network, and passion Vivian brings to our mission! Welcome on board! We look forward to doing some great work together," commented Positive Planet US Executive Director Subha Duraiswamy.

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