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Phoebe Yung, Founder of, a Social Platform that Connects Dogs with Dog-Loving Neighbors Shares Her PPUS Experience

Phoebe Yung, previously a lead consultant at Boston Consulting Group, is the Founder of, a social platform that connects dogs with dog-loving neighbors aiming to build hyperlocal communities based on genuine, non-transactional relationships.

In a recent survey provided to our entrepreneurs, Phoebe has shared some of her thoughts on our recent cohort. Phoebe joined the program to fill in a few gaps in her financial and marketing plan. She explained that the program far-exceeded her expectations and that it is not hard to find “high-level guidelines” for how to do something, but it is difficult to get “direct, relevant, and individual feedback.”

Speaking with Scott Chin (her mentor), who gave her the “constructive and concrete feedback” that she needed. "The feedback I received helped me take steps forward with my business. I feel that I have support from Scott and John Brown (PPUS Program Director and Coach) now and moving forward."

Phoebe has shared that some of her favorite moments includes having “a-ha moments” when Scott and John provided her insights that she had never thought of, getting motivation from the Capstone presentation to finalize her drafts, and discovering that Scott and John are big believers in DoggyDay. She expressed that she will be reaching out to both of them in the future for their feedback.

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