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Conscious Gear CEO, Charlotte Bowens Shares Skills She Mastered Through Accelerator Hub

Updated: Jul 1

Charlotte Bowens is the visionary CEO behind Conscious Gear (CG) a brand from Arizona that stands out for providing size-inclusive outerwear and outdoor gear. CG not only celebrates the beauty of body diversity in the great outdoors but also encourages consumers to embrace their unique selves while actively participating in environmental conservation.

Before joining the Accelerator Hub, CG faced the challenge of inconsistent revenues since its founding. However, after going through the program, the company achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $100K in profits that year  an extraordinary success for the Accelerator Hub and its founder.  This success has filled Charlotte with optimism, inspiring plans to reach $1M in revenue by 2024 and expanding the team by the end of next year.

Charlotte is grateful to be a part of the Positive Planet US family. Throughout the program, she navigated manufacturing challenges crucial to propelling her initial profits and acquired essential skills for building and sustaining relationships vital to materializing her product. The program has proven invaluable as she forged connections with fellow entrepreneurs, establishing a priceless platform for sharing challenges, insights, and fostering collective growth.

Ready to transform your business like Charlotte? Connect with us and begin your entrepreneurship journey to growth.

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