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From Opera Singer to Entrepreneur - CommonTime CEO, Christine Matovich Shares How Positive Planet Made an Impact in Her Journey to Creating a Virtual Arts Classroom that Is Accessible to All

Recently, we had the pleasure of connecting with Christine, an inspiring entrepreneur who has taken on a mission to enhance arts education and make the virtual classroom accessible to all.

As a performing artist, Christine's past roles include opera singer, cellist and educator. "I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the arts. However, it wasn't until the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic that I decided to start an online business that would provide educators and students access to various arts programming," said Christine Matovich, CEO of CommonTime. Her company aims to provide access to arts education through a unique online platform, acting as a matchmaker that connects vetted teaching artists from around the world with arts organizations dedicated to educational initiatives.

Being a new business, CommonTime faced challenges in entering the market and figuring out how to sell and market their online services to arts enthusiasts worldwide. "Navigating the complexities of financial planning and investor pitching posed significant hurdles for me. This is when I reached out to Positive Planet and they became a supportive partner in our business growth journey, recognizing the need for guidance and tools to transition from concept to execution," further commented Matovich.

Christine discovered Positive Planet through F6S, a global community connecting entrepreneurs with supportive organizations. She was immediately drawn to our mission of fostering a positive impact on underserved communities, motivating her to apply to our Accelerator Hub Program. "Throughout the program, I was able to access a network of mentors, colleagues, and volunteers whom I found very approachable during the entire cohort. Accelerator Hub provided me with the essential tools that were instrumental in achieving meaningful revenue for the organization, propelling CommonTime towards lasting success in making arts education accessible to all," remarked Matovich.

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